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It's weird but it's not wrong.

Love ya to piezes like cookie🍪♡

Because you are precious, every little piece. Just like a cookie🍪♡ No matter how flawed and imperfect you feel about yourself, I'm always there to remind you that you are loved for who you are. You are perfect to me no matter in what shape you are.
Peace be upon guys woooooww I've been out adventuring for so long!! I'm very sorry for the sudden and long disappearance...

You see, I'm still young and clueless about Life... I failed to see that with a steady flow of determination and passion this blog is worthy to keep. This blog will always be my little garden where I keep beautiful thoughts that popped inside my head.

Faith and Strength

Because to have strength is to have faith. Allahuakbar!


I feel claustrophobic all of a sudden. These questions are closing on me like walls and I am suffocating.

So in desperation I suck in a gallon of air, trying to kill the asphyxia that's engulfing me, before I let it go in a heavy huff.

I feel much better now that my head is cleared a bit, allowing me to refocus. To focus on finding the answers.

Instead of brooding over the questions.

My Story

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. 
- Rumi

Give your love

Some people naturally love to give love to others. Others, sadly need to be shown how to.

When you show others love, you are shown love. When you give love, you receive love.Donald L. HicksLook into the stillness

Rejection and Acceptance

If you don't accept your extremely unique, beautiful self, then who will, darling?

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Love ya to piezes like cookie🍪♡