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I think I've done my intro

Well, okay, I'll do it again.
Heyllo, welcome to my world.(this is my way of saying hey/hello other than peace be upon ya)
Or, more accurately, my LOST WORLD.
I am Aizz and I have quite wild imaginations about... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. People around me keep saying that I always got lost in my own world. That I just can't keep my focus. Once, when I was small, I was told by my big sister to get in a line(that I don't remember what for) and stay there, not letting anybody to cut in. So in the first minute I had done my job well, hopping in and standing there like a good kid. But the next minute, there was some insect, a butterfly or whatever(I don't remember too) buzzing past me.

Guess you know what happened then.

Being such an animal lover AND torturer, I made a frenzy chase for it like a puppy. That was one of my weird hobbies you know, hunting for insects and cats and small animals and any animals that are bizarre because I just LOVE fauna. But when I succeeded get…

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