A little healing garden for hearts. This is more than just a personal blog, it's the place where I share with you stories inspired by Life itself, stories to muse on for your hearts. Sometimes I tell them through words, and other times through images, but most times through both!

There are a plethora of heartfelt quotes out there. Whether they're from famous figures or anonymous strangers, touching, humorous, or even cynical, we always know that these words-on-images are expressions and reactions upon experiences. And most of the time, we can't help but to agree with them because, well, we're all living in the same Life!

Heart Remedies is a place of quotes and stories, a little garden for your hearts to meditate in it. I always need a break from the noises of everyday life that I have to listen to. So, I've built a special place just for my own little voice, a place that will let it tune itself and, gladly, be heard by anyone else who stumble upon it.


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