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Rejection and Acceptance

If you don't accept your extremely unique, beautiful self, then who will, darling?

The True Victory 3 - Resolution

To compensate the missed entries last three weeks (because had been up to elbows with work), this week I've made two quotes in this entry and one more in another.

My ego has lost.
Your heart is won
And I know

that's the TRUE VICTORY.

Hence, from this experiment.... I mean, experience, we can conclude that:
1. Opponent in a Fight Enemy for Life

2. There's another conclusion related to this experience.

Thank you for reading. See you again next week InsyaAllah.

The True Victory 2 - In the Midst of War

I fight my ego for you, you know?
Addendum: Masha Allah! I've actually made a poem without meaning to! :-D

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